Photo Albums

  • Point Gorham - Segmented Block Seawall The Point Gorham projected is located in the Shady Point S/D of Alexander City, AL on Lake Martin. The client's existing seawall had deteriorated to the point that a large portion of his property was eroding off into the lake. We used the Tremron Compaq segmented block to build a 60 foot segment of seawall that ranged from 6' to 10' tall.
  • Montgomery - Stone Drains We've done quite a bit of work at this beautiful home! We took a space that had no purpose and really made it quite the eye catcher! It turned out amazing and it also eliminated the issues of erosion. If your property has erosion issues or poor drainage I can fix that for you! Call me!
  • Holiday Shores - Seawall Restoration Good views at the next site! Doing some shoreline restoration and going to amp up the landscape at a beautiful lake house. The calls have started flooding in, 2018 is booking up fast! If you want to create your outdoor oasis call me!